30 Jul 2010 - 09 Aug 2010

This multimedia exhibition of Di-Gi Zorkhooneh , though not able to free itself from  petty-bourgeoisie cultural tendency of salvation, but we can, maybe, find in it an unconscious mocking of old and rotten cliché of Golden Era- or at least some clues of it. This happens in the light or maybe in the shadow of Lacanian “looking awry” which, perhaps coincidentally, calls and invites customers/audiences attention. Artist’s tendency using Pahlevan Takhti, as a symbol in order to reflect that period directly against nowadays body-builder athletics through protein injection, and: catastrophe is really here ! which reflect its social encounter; parallel of physical domination, training the bodies help to accumulate capital through domination of bodies, more exploitation of them according to physical-political-laboratory measures. This is, as if, our bodies are at the service of various different increasing protein solutions; these are our bodies which are performed and exhibited, and this is the same challenge/encounter you find in Semco`s Exhibition.

Nader Fatourehchi