Siin Gallery is an amiable bright exhibition space in western Tehran; in fact, the one and only art gallery in the area: the building is attractive, covered with ivy and the architecture inside is fluid. Although it is not a long time since this gallery has started working under the current name, there is a long history behind it: Ms Saideh Lotfi, the owner and director, ran another gallery from 1990 to 1998 in exactly the same place. In those years, many renowned artists and sculptors held their solo and group exhibitions in this space. The works of the artists of this generation will continue to be shown in Siin Gallery along the works of younger generations.

The gallery opened with an exhibition of works by Abbas Kiarostami and Farideh Lashai.

 Though Lotfi lived abroad from 1998 till 2005, she stayed active and didn't lose contact with the art scene in Iran; she participated in the curatorship of different exhibitions of works by Iranian artists, including two exhibitions in the Netherlands, The Hague, the Kunst Krijcht Gallery and Pulchri Studio, in 2001 & 2002.
The pleasant and dynamic space of Siin Gallery combined with its director's experience and expertise will hopefully establish it as one of the best professional art galleries of Tehran.

 Bavand Behpour


No.16, 12th ST., Pirouzan Ave., Shaharake Gharb, Tehran Iran

Tel.:+98 21 88 37 66 23

Fax:+98 21 88 37 66 25


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